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The Ultimate Blogging Plans For Maximum Success

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Blogging over the years has become a career path to many and most people don’t basically have the skills and metrics that would fetch them money in the long term. Do you start blogging today and make money the following day?

That’s not possible. A lot has to be in place, you need to devise a strategy, you need to have detailed and specific action plans, measurable goals as well.

However, before I share with you some of the blogging goals by a renowned fitness coach, Debbie Woodruff, Coach Debbie Runs. It is paramount you start doing the following in line with Debbie Woodruff blogging strategies:

  • Ensure that you become an authority in your chosen niche
  • Start building and strengthening relationship with different relevant brands
  • Start building your mailing list
  • Start offering services if you are not.


Definitely, as a digital marketing expert, I have detailed digital marketing plans for the year which are geared towards implementation. I realized that blogging is a wonderful aspect of digital marketing, hence, the reason to showcase the blogging goals of Wood Debbie, you can borrow a leaf from them especially if you have decided to take up blogging responsibilities.

According to Debbie Wood, “I want to be quite specific with my blogging goals this year. I can look back over the last several years, ever since I started publishing my yearly goals, and I find they are quite similar. I want more readers, I want to earn more money, I want to take better pictures”.

Well, yes, even after reaching many of those goals in the past, I still want all that those same things. But I feel that if I’m not specific in what my blogging goals are, I may as well just republish last year’s post!

So this year I will be much more exact. And I will start off with the example I used last week. At the time I wrote it, it was just that, an example. But, in keeping with my intention to be specific, I decided it works just fine.

Increase my blogging income by 50%


I detailed my plan for increasing my revenue here, but basically, I plan to do this by joining a new media program, improving my affiliate advertising skills, and by taking on more sponsored posts. I also plan to create a “product” (see below).

Double my pageviews

I actually almost wrote “triple,” but chickened out at the last moment. Last year I did double my readership. My goal is to do that again.  I did it last year by really improving my social media skills, but I think that there is room for more improvement, especially with Pinterest. Adding my blogging tips series last year really helped, so they will continue, but I also feel the need to get back to my blogging roots

Get back to blogging about fitness and running

Fitness and running are what I know and love. That is what many of my readers come here to read. Because I don’t want to blog more frequently, my plan is to cut back to posting vegan recipes once a month. That will give me the opportunity to talk more about running, create workouts and running plans. And frankly, it will relieve me of the stress of trying to come up with an original recipe every week. My cooking is just not all that interesting.

Write an Ebook

This has been in the back of my mind. I know that creating a product is a great way to expand, and the idea of an ebook is very appealing. I’ve got a lot of planning to do, though, including picking a topic. Of the four things I write about the most, fitness, running, plant-based food, and blogging, I’m not sure which I should choose. What do you think?

Enjoy life away from the computer

Blogging is not only time-consuming, one can also become quite obsessive about all the details involved: writing the post, taking and editing pictures, sharing to social media, reading and commenting on other blogs. Or maybe that’s just me.

One can become so wrapped up in the act of blogging that it’s easy to forget that part of what makes one’s blog interesting is the life that you live and write about. Sitting for hours in front of the computer sharing posts on Facebook and Pinterest is just not blog-worthy.

Therefore, in spite of all of my growth goals, I plan to take the time to live and enjoy my life away from the computer, even if it takes a toll on my other goals. Setting my life with my husband and family as my priority, and remembering that as the year goes on, will lead to much more long-term happiness and success than getting a few extra page views.